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Support Our Athletes in Their Quest for Excellence

Youth Track Club Membership

We accept children ages 5–18 and train them to compete at the highest level, including the national meets and the Junior Olympics. Learn about the requirements, fees, and expenses associated with competing as a Bronx Tiger. As a member, you must abide by our requirements and stay current on all of your membership fees. All athletes and coaches must be insured.


Members of Bronx Tigers must attend all scheduled practices. If you will be late to or must miss a running practice, please notify your coach at least one hour before it begins.

If you are attending school, you must pass each quarter to be eligible to compete.

You must also submit your progress reports and report cards for every quarter to your coach. If you fail a quarter,

we will provide help and adequate study time. We expect nothing less than excellence in the classroom and on the field.


The annual membership fee for Bronx Tigers is $200. We compete in the USA Track & Field (USATF) and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) leagues, which have fees that are separate from our annual fee.

USATF Membership Fees

                                                        1 Year                 2 Years 3 Years      4 Years

Youth 10 & under                           $20                         $40 $60    $80

Adult                                                $30                        $55 $80     $100

AAU Membership Fees

                                                 1 Year 2 Years               3 Years 4 Years

Youth ( 8-10)                           $14                              $28      $42 $56

Adults                                       $16                              $32      $48 $64               

USATF & AAU Division Information

The age division for the competition year 2017 are as follows

USATF  Age Division                                                         AAU Age Division

                             Year of Birth                                                      Year of Birth

8 & Under                 2009+                  8 & Under              2009+

9-10                        2007-2008    9  2008

11-12                     2005-2006       10 2007

13-14                     2003-2004       11 2006

15-16                     2001-2002       12 2005

17-19                      1999-2000      13 2004

                                                                    15-16 2001-2002

                                                                    17-18 1999-2000


We travel all around the country for competitions.

We have fundraising activities to generate the resources needed to pay for your travel and lodging expenses for out-of-town and out-of-state meets as well as your entry fees,

uniform, equipment, and the annual awards banquet.